7 tips for a perfect foreign private lesson!


7 tips for a perfect foreign private lesson!

Learning a foreign language doesn’t have to be a boring process for kids! With private lessons – ιδιαίτερα μαθήματα – everything works smoothly.

Whether it is a group or a special lesson, there are always ways for a foreign language teacher to provide children with knowledge through experiential processes, with the result that students love the language they are called to learn and therefore the assimilation of knowledge is even more effective!

Let’s look at some typical ways that children can take an active part in learning to enjoy the foreign language course!

1. Private lesson tip

Always using the language we teach, incorporate the educational game during the lesson, such as pantomime, broken phone, hanger, face, animal, thing, or make up a story, telling each child in one word. Depending on the age, we can modify the difficulty level of the game.

2. Private lesson tip

We use flash cards, pictures or objects that are in the classroom or the space where the lesson takes place to teach the children the new words, instead of just writing them on the board and telling them the translation.

3. Private lesson tip

We divide the children into groups and assign them tasks. They like teamwork very much and in addition they cultivate a sense of mutual help, communication and sociability.

4. Private lesson tip

It is always a good idea to give students goals, for example, at the end of each month they can make a presentation on a topic that interests them (their favourite book or movie, an activity they like or something they did and consider it an important experience). It’s nice to stick these presentations on the classroom wall or the kids can make their own personal dossier.

5. Private lesson tip

Another good idea is to put “movement” in the private lesson. For example, if we write an exercise on the board, we can pick up one student at a time and fill in the blanks, instead of each time they write it in the notebook on their own.

6. Private lesson tip

Also something that children love very much is the music. So we can listen to a song in class. The private teacher distributes the lyrics to the students, having erased some words and the students, listening to the song, try to find the missing words.

7. Private lesson tip

So they improve their listening ability in a fun way. Then we can start a discussion on the subject of the song.

We can also show an excerpt from a movie and then discuss the topic, or even explain some basic words that were heard in the excerpt.

In these ways we will arouse the interest of our young and old students and we will win them over so that they can learn the language they have chosen pleasantly and effectively!

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