Do you want to get a new security door?


Do you want to get a new security door?

Have you decided to replace the front door of your house? Have you ever wondered what you need to know before you choose a security door –portes asfaleias? Probably not, this is why we are here today!

There are endless doors on the market that differ quite a bit in specifications, appearance and cost. In the following article, with the help of the most frequently asked questions we will try to help you solve the puzzle.

What shield must my door finally have?

-I have heard of different types of shielding such as single, double or triple.

The security and safety levels of a security door is usually made of steel sheets which occupy the entire surface of the sheet and are located under the cladding.

The single shielding means that the door we will choose will have a steel sheet on the outside of the door under the aesthetic lining.

The double shielding means that our door will have one steel sheet under the outer cladding and one under the inner cladding. Triple shielding is when there is an intermediate shielding steel sheet between the outside and the inside.

Steel sheets are the first layer of protection of our door, which in case of burglary prevent access to the inside of the door and the lock. Therefore a security door with a single shield is not actually security as it is not adequately protected in the event of a burglary. Choosing double or in some cases triple shielding 1-2 mm thick we are sure that we have chosen a good door.

Frames of security doors

However, shielding is not the only thing to look out for.
The inner frame of the door and the frame are equally important features and contribute to the security that the door we choose will offer us.

It is important that the inner frame of the door has at least two vertical and ten horizontal support beams. The frame should be made of 2 mm thick shaped steel sheet and the way of its support should be done with electro-welded supports and cement.

Also the hinges and the way they are fixed on the door and the frame play a decisive role in its safety. The hinges should be electrically welded and not screwed and for the best operation of the door they should be adjustable with bearings or operated with balls.

There are many different locks. How should I choose?

Is it true that the more locking fires the door has, the safer it is? There are several different lock systems on the market that make the choice quite difficult.

It is important that the lock you choose has a complete door lock door transport system. The transport system of locking fires is more important than their number.
The lock should have a double trap in case of attempt to break or detach the cylinder to block the central body of the lock making burglary impossible.

Locking mechanisms of security doors

The lock cylinder should have a protected and exclusive key profile and ownership card. Copies should be strictly reproduced with a presentation of the ownership card, key and identity of the owner.

Also, the cylinder must be of high standards and with corresponding certifications so that it does not break and has resistance to drilling and modern methods of breaking.

However, even the most modern cylinders must be protected by a high standard defender in order to achieve maximum safety.
The defender should have a main body made of durable metal alloy and a rotor with resistance to puncture and coolants.

Also, the lock should be protected from the outside with steel plates that hold it and the defender so that in combination with the door shield it is impossible to break it.

Does a security door have thermal or sound insulation?

The security door should have thermal-sound insulation material between the steel shielding sheets. It should also have a floor barrier which is in contact with the floor when the door is closed to block air passage.
When the door opens the airbag gets up and does not prevent us from moving the door. Finally, it should have rubber around the door.

What aesthetic investments can I put on the security door that I will choose?

There are many options for aesthetic cladding of security doors.
Cladding can be made of many different materials such as natural wood, veneer, laminate, and aluminum if exposed to rain. There are also many options regarding the design of the front of the door, it can be simple or have carvings and embossed patterns.

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